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About Us


Welcome to HelpHomelessHeroes - a UK based Charity covering England with a central office in Salford Manchester, UK. Registered Charity No. 1179371.

We dedicate our work to fundraising for homeless ex-service personnel and to designing sustainable solutions that bring people hope, belief, training, work and sustainable, affordable accommodation. We got our Charity status in July 2018, and are now embarking on an ambitious programme of fundraising to deliver our Triple H Programme and Triple H Passport to as many people as possible during 2019 / 2020.


Raising funds for our heroes

All the money raised by HHH goes to helping homeless ex-service personnel and those about to be made homeless. We don't have fancy offices or company cars and we have no paid employees - it is all volunteers from the CEO down. Our current office is shared with another social enterprise and we pay no rent!. We also don't receive any Government funding so we rely on donations and our fundraising army! recruits are always welcome! - as are donations which are always acknowledged and gratefully received!


Everyone has a right to a safe home

It is a terrible fact that in 2019 more and more people are finding themselves homeless and forced to live on the streets of Britain. It is also an increasing trend that homeless people are being forced out of city and town centres and into the suburbs through local authority management, personal safety issues and quite simply the lack of space afforded to them. We believe that in the 21st century that everyone should be entitled to a safe home in this country and we lead the crusade to ensure that this will one day happen!

About Us


Who We Are

We are a UK Charity formed in 2018 and dedicated to leading the fight to eradicate homelessness especially amongst ex-service personnel. 

Why do people become homeless?

There are a wide range of reasons that people become homeless. Most we meet contribute  losing their home, losing their job, depression, PTSD, trying to adjust to life in civvy street and  problems with drugs and alcohol along with mental health issues to being the reason that they are on the streets.

What support is available?

Much of the support that is currently available is only able to provide a bed for the night and a hot meal, but the next morning they are back on the streets again. This doesn’t necessarily give the individual the opportunity to address the root cause of their homelessness and find a long term way to overcome it.

This is where HelpHomelessHeroes is different. We don’t just try and find a bed for the night, we offer help with clothing, toiletries, everyday essentials and food. We also furnish bedsits, flats, homes once suitable accommodation has been secured as well as meaningful work in our social enterprises.

This opportunity, to become part of a community and make a contribution to it, plays an important role in restoring self-esteem and helping our heroes to find a way to overcome homelessness!..


How you can help

You can help in a number of ways!
You can donate here on our page, all donations are greatly appreciated, however small.
You can donate clothes, shoes (any condition) to our HelpHomelessHeroes shop in Irlam, Salford, Manchester.
We accept Furniture, White Goods, Household Goods, Clothes etc and look to re-sell on behalf of HHH.
You can hold a fund-raising day at your place of work, a quiz night, a raffle! 
Volunteer to fund raise for us!...come up with new ideas or even go and do crazy things like sky dives and marathons and get people to sponsor you....every little helps!


How We Help

We also provide a support network to help people who are on the road to becoming homeless - hopefully preventing this happening. This can be as diverse as liaising with local authorities to offering help with pop-up tents (traditional tents are of no use as homeless people, have to pop the tent up and down pretty quick as they are moved on) ,clothing, toiletries, daily essentials and food.

We also provide assistance with finding safe accommodation often at very short notice, arranging medical help and hospital registration. On a more positive footing we also spend a lot of time sourcing work placement hours, encouraging people on our Triple H Programme to find employment and bringing them into contact with our volunteer teams often to the point where they are able to integrate and participate in fundraising events!

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