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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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You Can Help In So Many Ways!



Your donation - however small will go a long way towards making a homeless hero's life better. You can donate in many ways - Money, Services, Clothing, Food, Your Time and many other ways...a regular donation could provide a job for someone or much needed medicine. Please think about how you can donate today - don't just walk away having done nothing.....



Volunteer helpers are always welcomed to HelpHomelessHeroes with open arms. We are always looking for people to collect and sort donations, fundraise, counsel, support, educate, feed, train in fact it is incredible how many of the skills that we all possess can be used to help a homeless person. Please get in touch today - you'll be surprised what you can do!....

Fundraise for Us


Fundraising is at the heart of any charitable organisation and we are no different. We welcome all sorts of ideas and efforts that can bring much needed funds in to fuel the work that we do. The hard work done by all of our fundraisers allows us to continue our vital work helping as many people as we can that are affected by homelessness...

Corporate Sponsorship


There are many ways that a Corporate Sponsorship can benefit both your business and your employees. For a start your staff will see that by working with us you really are trying to help support homeless people and make a difference to the work that we do. We will encourage your staff to engage with HHH  and to really feel that they are contributing through their actions. We will constantly feedback as to where the money that they raise is being spent. Your business will benefit from a high profile exposure to an ethical organisation like ours....

Ambassadorial Roles


We are always on the look out for Ambassadors to take forward our cause and represent our organisation in many locations. You may be a celebrity and through your status be able to showcase our work to a public audience - or you may be a politician who buys into and supports our cause and has the forum to influence decision makers in positions of power to change laws and outlooks - or you may have been homeless once yourself, or maybe still are - or you could be a normal everyday person who wants to give up their time to join and lead people in the crusade to end homelessness in our country.

Personal Sponsorship


The simple fact is that a regular donation of £10 a month will make a difference to one homeless person's life. This relatively small amount - less than the price of pint of beer or a glass of wine per week can go a long way to feeding a homeless person for 7 days. Regular donations enable HHH to fund the Triple H Programme that makes a difference to so many homeless people's lives. Personal sponsors are recognised at HHH and you will know about the person you are helping, the progress they are making and the difference you have made...

Leave A Legacy


By leaving a gift in your will to HHH - you leave a Legacy. This could give many homeless people a reason to smile. After you have provided for your family and nearest and dearest please think about reaching out to people who could rebuild their lives through your generosity and selfless forethought - it's a pleasant thought isn't it?....

Spread the Word


HelpHomelessHeroes is very active on social media as we find that it is an excellent way of communicating our message and our mission to eradicate homelessness. It costs nothing to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, to comment to like and share and retweet. Also LinkedIn is a powerful media for looking to drive change in the corporate world. Finally, talk to people and tell them about the wonderful work that we do....thank you!...

Employ a Homeless Person


Homeless people possess many skills and abilities - that's a fact and there is a bank of wasted talent sitting on our streets!. It is however a big step forward for them often to return to employment and is a big step that they have to be capable of and ready to take. HHH start this return to work process by creating jobs within our Triple H Programme - often these positions are unskilled, but they are the first step back to the workplace. The second step may be a job with you?.......

Organise Events


Organising a programme of events or galvanising a team of people doesn't happen by itself. A few hours a week helping us to organise fundraising events or food supply, or clothing collection can make a massive impact to the work we do. There are also many national events that can be participated in to raise funds or you can organise a series of events in your home, street or surrounding area....

Say 'Hello'


Homeless people are lonely. Living on the street brings physical hardship, but the emotional toll can be just as great.  A lot of the time homeless people are not looking for money but a smile, a conversation and a connection with the world that keeps passing by them. Ask how they are, ask their name and ask if they would like to be helped. See how much you can find out about them....and then take this information away and contact us.....

Campaign and Lobby


We believe that by regular campaigning and lobbying our voice will be heard by those who hold court in the corridors of power. We support and encourage people to email MP's, sign online petitions and to speak out for people experiencing homelessness. We will take actual experiences of the people that we support forward and give them a voice as strive to eliminate homelessness. Join us and speak for those who's voices can't always be heard....