The 'Triple H' Programme

About the Programme


The Triple H Programme provides a homeless person with a structured plan with which to embark on the road back to a normal life and a roof over their heads. It is a selective programme and the homeless person has to want to help themselves. We are looking to find a permanent solution and not a temporary fix.  

Who we help


We look to help homeless people, or unsheltered people as we prefer to call them. We do not discriminate at all on any grounds. The person has to be genuinely homeless and looking to help themsleves find a permanent accomodation and employment solution.

We also look to help ex-offenders and service personnel who have just been released from prison or from the structured life in the forces, to find employment, a home and a way of life that they can maintain and sustain happily and confidently.

Where we help


We have helped people throughout the United Kingdom over the last year but will be concentrating on the North West and North East going forward. We don't have fancy offices or sites in towns and cities so we rely on a network of volunteers, charity shops and other businesses to provide help with postage, storage, communication, food provision and medical support.

How we help


We identify individuals and collect information about their background, past life, core skills, ambitions, health, state of mind and anything else that could prove to be useful in moving their lives forward. We collate all these facts into what we call their 'Triple H Passport' - we then set about finding them basic employment. At the same time we look to make sure all their basic needs are met, through the provision of food, clothing, tents, toiletries, bedding, and healthcare support and guidance if required. The Triple H Programme and the Triple H Passport deliver - Hope, Happiness and a Home!.

The Triple H Passport


This gives our homeless person an identity. It allows us to help them in the best way we can - remember everyone is different!. HHH can also show our patrons and supporters real people who they can sponsor and support. Once the Triple H Passport is put together we can start finding the person a job, permanent accommodation and ultimately a future!. We can also use the Triple H Passport to introduce the individual to prospective employers or sponsors who will further speed their return to a normal life in a home of their own. 

How you can help


The Triple HHH Programme needs sponsors to survive and to grow. We can help someone move forward for as little as £20 per week. So donations are critical to us successfully carrying out this work. A £10 a month donation will go an amazingly long way to changing someone's life. Please go to our 'donate' button and donate what you can. You will be helping a real person who you will come to know and be kept up to date with their progress. The button is just below - please think about what you can afford and help!....Thank You!

You can support the Triple H Programme today!

A few pounds now or a regular subscription will go an amazingly long way to helping our Homeless Heroes - especially those giving out leaflets or starting to work as a volunteer. They would prefer to have a job, actively spreading the word rather than simply begging to survive...your donations will allow them to do this work as we will then ensure they have regular support on the Triple H Programme.

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