Building Homes & Lives!

Investing in a secure future

HelpHomelessHeroes has embarked on a project to develop sustainable social housing solutions across the U.K. We are working on a number of ideas to create affordable housing that will allow us to provide homes for people that have graduated through our Triple H Programme. What we don't want to see is people provided with temporary housing solutions that then sees them return to the streets within a short space of time. We are looking to work with councils and local authorities to acquire property and land that can be developed to provide this accommodation.

We are inviting both investors and construction companies to join us in the project and will be seeking partners for this work throughout 2019 and 2020. We also invite contact from commercial lenders at this point in time. 

We have a number of ideas under review at present including the conversion of industrial units, modular housing, campus sites and even a small village are on the planning table at present. To realise our dreams will take a serious amount of cash!

If you do run a construction company or are a serious investor who is looking to join our project then please email us at today.

Helphomelessheroes are also looking to partner with companies for the provision of food and clothing for the homeless across the U.K. We are also looking to bring Outreach organisations under our umbrella and provide sources of food and funding for these groups. Again if you are employed in the foodservice industry then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you. There will be massive exposure for your organisation and you will be genuinely helping homeless people directly by your actions.

We will continue to develop our retail site and are looking to take on more Charity shops where the opportunity allows. We are therefore always happy to hear from commercial property landlords who may have space to rent to us for these purposes. We will also be holding 'pop up' events so please get in touch.

HelpHomelessHeroes is therefore working on every stage of providing a person who is currently homeless with a secure future, genuine hope and a support structure to ensure that they do not return to the streets. We are looking to bring about social change and to see homelessness eradicated from the streets of our country!

We will do this through the Triple H Programme but we can't do it without your support, however together we really can make a difference and set about 'Building Homes & Lives'.....thank you for taking time to visit our website and for showing an interest in helping our homeless heroes. If you can make a donation today we thank you - if you think you could really bring something more to the table then please get in touch today!!

Thank You!